Searchable Evidence Database for IECMHC

Searchable Evidence Database for IECMHC

In this resource, you can use different search criteria to explore the peer-reviewed literature on IECMHC. All published articles on IECMHC have been summarized by the CoE team. There are two ways to search. 

  1. Search the evidence for each element of the Theory of Change (ToC) for IECMHC. To learn more about the Theory of Change for IECMHC here.  
  2. Search the evidence by defining details of the study (i.e., outcomes, setting, study design, and if the findings have been disaggregated by race/ethnicity). Note: choosing more details limits your results; if your search yields no results, try again with fewer options chosen. 

Not sure what to search for? Check out our Evidence Synthesis and Annotated Bibliography.

Search by Theory of Change

Use this option if you would like to learn about the current evidence for the individual elements of the IECMHC theory of change.

Search by Study Details

Use this option to see the evidence for IECMHC for specific outcomes, settings, study designs, and/or disaggregation by race/ethnicity.

Study Design
Findings Disaggregated by Race/Ethnicity?

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