Activity: Committing to a Mental Health Workgroup

In order for a Mental Health Workgroup to be successful, there needs to be strong commitment and leadership for the group. Take a few minutes and think about what would be the biggest benefits to having such a group in your program. Then, identify the challenges that you may need to address in making such

Key Activities for the Mental Health Workgroup (MHW)

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The primary function for the MHW is to provide guidance and oversight for mental health/mental health consultation services and supports within your Head Start/Early Head Start program. This can include a wide variety of activities depending on where your program is in terms of implementing mental health services and supports. If you do not already

Strategies for Identifying and Engaging Key Team Members

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Ideally, the Mental Health Workgroup should be comprised of a variety of individuals who are involved with your program’s mental health consultation services, including teachers, parents, community partners, and consultants. See the guidance in Tutorial 8 for assistance in identifying key members for your committee. Mental Health Workgroups should incorporate diverse voices, such as: Staff who represent

Activity: How Would a Mental Health Workgroup Fit in My Program?

Head Start programs are often overloaded with committees, workgroups, and other structures that can sometimes seem burdensome instead of productive. Some committees start off with enthusiasm but lose momentum over time. To have an effective Mental Health Workgroup, give some thought to how to most efficiently build off existing structures in your program, and what

What is a Mental Health Workgroup and Why Do We Need One?

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We define a “Mental Health Workgroup” as a team of individuals who are committed to developing, implementing, and sustaining the mental health-related services and supports within a Head Start/Early Head Start program. The typical charge to this workgroup is to provide oversight, guidance, and continuing review of mental health-related services and supports in your program. The

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