Post-Test: Strengthening

Post-Test: Strengthening


A short quiz to assess what you learned during the training.

  1. Promoting mental health for children, families, and staff has been an integral part of the Head Start Program since it began in:
    1. 1956
    2. 1965
    3. 1972
    4. 1950
  2. The current Head Start Program Performance Standards (1998) contain approximately ___ standards related to mental health.
    1. 40
    2. 60
    3. 75
    4. 20
  3. Principles that guide Head Start and Early Head Start mental health services include:
    1. Working from a wellness approach
    2. Prioritizing children with severe behavioral needs
    3. Providing services which are culturally responsive
    4. A & C only
  4. The Head Start Program Performance Standards (1998) allow programs flexibility and the responsibility to decide how to implement the standards in ways that respond to their unique community and program needs.
    1. True
    2. False
  5. Head Start and Early Head Start programs do not require that programs enlist the services of a licensed mental health professional to provide onsite mental health consultation.
    1. True
    2. False
  6. Some of the challenges Head Start and Early Head Start programs face in designing and delivering early childhood mental health consultation include:
    1. Dedicating adequate funding to pay for consultation
    2. Integrating consultation into the whole program
    3. Not enough clarity within the standards to adequately address mental health
    4. A & B only
  7. Strong early childhood mental health consultation services typically can:
    1. Address child and family challenges that require intensive therapeutic mental health services
    2. Increase the effectiveness of staff and families to support social emotional health and reduce challenging behavior of young children
    3. Address staff and family well-being
    4. B & C only
  8. The Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation provides all of the following except:
    1. Online, best-practice tutorials for early childhood mental health consultants
    2. Direct mental health services for infants, toddlers, young children and their families
    3. Downloadable social-emotional resources that can be used by consultants with staff and families
    4. Practical guides for administrators

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