Defining Partnerships with Families

Defining Partnerships with Families

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Defining Partnerships with Families

When you think about partnerships that you have had in your own life what words come to mind that describe those partnerships? Take a moment to write down some of your thoughts.

Many times people will use words or phrases such as: working together, supportive, team approach, collaborative, respectful, and clear communication to describe what is at the heart of true and meaningful partnerships. These same words can apply to your partnerships with families.

Parents are the key mediators of experience for infants and toddlers, and…their influence is critical during this period of rapid development.

Powell & Dunlap, 2010

Definition of partnership: A partnership is a two-way venture between people who agree to share responsibility for achieving a specific goal.

  • Family partnerships are held together through relationships.
  • All learning takes place in the context of relationships and is critically affected by the quality of those relationships.
  • Families hold the primary and most impactful relationship with their child.
  • Early childhood mental health consultation that actively involves and supports families to prevent, identify and treat social emotional health problems of young children can reduce the long term, negative impacts these challenges present (Mackrain et al, n.d.).
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