Activity: Program Values and Priorities Inform Job Descriptions

Activity: Program Values and Priorities Inform Job Descriptions

The second major component of creating the MCH job description for your program is focused on creating a list of the required and preferred knowledge, skills and abilities for the MHC. The list provided in the previous text is broad and inclusive. It may be difficult to find the “perfect” consultant that meets all of these qualifications. It is important to consider your program’s mental health services values, vision, needs, and priorities when crafting the consultant job description.

Based on your program’s values and priorities, think carefully about the top 3-5 things that you believe are the most important characteristics, qualifications, or skills for the consultant that you are hiring or contracting. For each area, also jot down ideas for how you might build competencies in these areas if you find someone who is highly qualified but lacks certain characteristics.

TIP: You might want to use this exercise with a hiring committee, or with your mental health-specific strategic planning team, or your Mental Health Workgroup, asking each person to write down their top 3-5 priorities as a way to come to consensus about what is most important before finalizing the job description, recruiting applications, and interviewing candidates.

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Thinking about your program’s individual needs, culture, strengths, and challenges, what are the 3-5 most important characteristics for an effective mental health consultant? How could you support or develop this area in a consultant that you hired in your program?
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