Policy and Financing

Policy and Financing

Learn about policies and financing to fund and sustain IECMHC services. Access information about key policies, funding streams and strategies for making funding requests.

NEW! Sustainability in IECMHC through Policy & Financing Learning ModulesĀ 

Initiating and ultimately sustaining infant and early childhood mental health consultation activities involves more than just having a great program. Strategic funding decisions and policy development can be critical to ensuring that IECMHC activities are integrated into established child-serving systems and have the potential to make lasting impact. In this module, we have identified five areas of sustainability to consider in addition to financing.

IECMHC and the Early Childhood System

Overview of the IECMHC Approach within the Early Childhood System

This resource provides an overview of how IECMHC fits within a larger early childhood system. It offers information on the different components of an integrated IECMHC approach and identifies important strategic partner.

Illinois’s Approach to Building and Sustaining IECMHC

This brief focuses on how Illinois has utilized multiple funding sources and strategic partnerships across the state to build IECMHC into numerous early childhood systems. Lessons learned and action steps are provided.

Financing IECMHC Efforts

Michigan’s Approach to Funding IECMHC as a Medicaid Prevention Direct Service

State leaders can use this information to explore a process and lessons learned for supporting IECMHC as a Medicaid Prevention Direct Service.

Funding IECMHC: Lessons Learned from Arkansas’s Project PLAY

This resource provides an overview of Project PLAY, the statewide IECMHC program in Arkansas. Financing lessons learned are presented including information on the use of a pilot project, building infrastructure and partnerships.

IECMHC Funding Tip Sheet: Engaging Foundations

This tip sheet was designed to assist IECMHC programs plan for applying for financial support from foundations. Information is provided on the process of applying for a foundation grant, what foundations typically are interested in, and how a program can be prepared to respond quickly to these funding opportunities.

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