Resources Overview

Resources Overview

The Center of Excellence (CoE) is a clearinghouse for high-quality resources on Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC). See below for an overview of the various types of resources in our collection. In addition to the many resources authored by the CoE, this website provides a portal to other best-practice materials in the field. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like more individualized support, please contact us at

Use the search engine to browse our collection of IECMHC resources. Or, navigate directly to the content area of interest:
Program Structure | Workforce | Equity | Research & Evaluation | Policy & Financing

Resource Types

The CoE’s library of resources has something for everyone – whether you are just trying to figure out what IECMHC is, developing a new IECMHC program, or strengthening your skills as an IECMH consultant. Below is a general overview of the types of resources available.

Foundational Knowledge

  • Background/Foundational Materials on IECMHC
  • Research Studies
  • Resource Briefs on Special Topics

Skill & Knowledge Development

  • Self-Assessments to Guide Professional and/or Program Growth
  • Online Trainings/Tutorials/Webinars on Best Practices in IECMHC

Best Practice Implementation Support

  • Toolkits/In-Depth Implementation Guidance
  • Templates/Planning Worksheets
  • Sample/Example Materials from the Field
  • Reproducible Materials to Use On-Site with Consultees

Core Resource Topics

For those who are ready to dig deeper than the IECMHC Basics, resources are clustered into the following five topic areas, which align with the core components of strong IECMHC programs and overall high-quality consultation services.


program structure

Program Structure: The nuts and bolts of IECMHC service delivery and IECMHC program infrastructure– what you provide, to whom, where, and how – and how to pull it all together. If you want to know: What does a well-designed and well-defined IECMHC program look like? Start with the Program Structure section.


Workforce: The competencies, training, supervision, mentoring, and quality assurance systems needed to build a strong IECMHC workforce. If you want answers to: What skills/traits should IECMH Consultants possess? And what training and professional development resources are available? Check out the Workforce section.

Equity: Strategies and information to help IECMHC programs and consultants reduce disparities and promote effective, nurturing caregiving for all children. If you want to know: How can I infuse equity throughout IECMHC efforts so that consultants’ and consultees’ beliefs, attitudes and practices support positive outcomes for all children? Explore the Equity section.


Research & Evaluation: The research base for IECMHC and guidance on developing and effectively utilizing theories of change, logic models, evaluation plans, and other research tools to measure IECMHC program fidelity and impact. If you’re wondering: How will we know if we are implementing IECMHC services as we intended to?  What are the outcomes of our IECMHC efforts? What IECMHC-relevant data collection tools are available? Visit the Research & Evaluation section.

policy and financing

Policy & Financing: Tools and knowledge to support financing and sustaining IECMHC efforts, including key policies/initiatives, creative funding streams, and tips for strategic communication. If you are seeking answers to: What steps can I take to support sustainability of my IECMHC program? Where should I look for funding to support IECMHC efforts? Check out the Policy & Financing section.

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