Making the Job Description and Contract Living Documents

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Once you have written a good job description and contract, it is important to review these documents periodically and to make adjustments as needed given the program’s emerging needs. Contracts can be cumbersome and difficult to change, unless they have been written in a way that allows some flexibility and periodic review. Language that describes

What Should be Specified in the Consultant’s Contract?

Employment contract

The contract is a formal agreement between the Head Start program and the MHC or contracting agency that specifies the scope of services, or exactly what services the MHC and/or agency will provide. For a mental health professional employed by the Head Start program, the job description should re-iterate and further specify the services described

Activity: Interviewing for Hire

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When you receive an application from an individual mental health professional for a staff position or a response to the Request for Proposals from an agency, you must prepare for the next steps of reviewing these responses, selecting those that might be a “match” for your program, and organizing an interview process. It is highly

Activity: Job Description Checklist

Spend a few minutes thinking about where your program is now in terms of the quality of your current mental health consultant job description. Revisit your program values and priorities from the previous learning activity and consider how they might influence your thinking. Complete the following checklist to assess where your job description or contract

Activity: Program Values and Priorities Inform Job Descriptions

The second major component of creating the MCH job description for your program is focused on creating a list of the required and preferred knowledge, skills and abilities for the MHC. The list provided in the previous text is broad and inclusive. It may be difficult to find the “perfect” consultant that meets all of

What are the Key Components of a Good Job Description?

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Whether you are writing a contract or hiring a consultant directly, it pays off to write a detailed job description. There are several components to a good job description (your agency may have specific and additional required sections depending on your agency’s human resource policies). Click here for general information about developing good job descriptions. One

Module 1: Job Descriptions, Hiring, and Contracts

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Learning Objectives After completing this module, you will be able to: Write and implement clear, effective job descriptions and contracts for mental health consultants. Describe essential considerations and the process of identifying and hiring qualified consultants.

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