Trauma and Early Head Start and Head Start Children and Families

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The Early Head Start and Head Start programs serve our most vulnerable children and families, including those who have experienced trauma. FACT: According to the Head Start FACES 2000 report, almost 13 percent of the parents indicated that they have been victims of domestic violence. Almost 10 percent of the children were reported to have witnessed domestic

Types of Traumatic Experiences

The National Traumatic Stress Network has strived to provide definitions of types of traumatic events; differentiating them from one another based on the event, who is involved, and the interpretation of law. Below are brief definitions to capture the core of each type of trauma. Sexual Abuse or Assault: Actual or attempted sexual contact, exposure to

Two Types of Trauma Diagnoses

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It is important to note that not all experiences of trauma lead to a trauma response or trauma-related disorder or diagnosis. There is a normal period of time, following a traumatic event or experience that we might expect to see trauma related responses or signs that do not necessarily develop into a post-traumatic stress disorder. However, when

Defining Trauma

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The definition of trauma does not name types of trauma or traumatic events. Instead it describes the experience of trauma and highlights the factors that influence the perception of trauma. Trauma is the unique individual experience of an event or enduring conditions in which the individual’s ability to integrate his/her emotional experience is overwhelmed and the individual experiences (either

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