Activity: What Would You Do?

Scene 1/Take 1 Based on the classroom teacher’s concern about Sandra’s frequent crying, Dr. Stuart was scheduled to observe Sandra in her classroom. When he discovered that she was no longer in the program, he realized that she was the fourth child to leave suddenly. The Head Start program is located near a public housing

Approach to Service Delivery

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How services are delivered is a critical determinant of whether the consultant will be effective or not. A consultant’s approach to service delivery can have a significant impact on whether or not he/she will be able to form positive relationships with consultees, put successful strategies into place, and ultimately achieve effective ECMHC. There are a number

Selecting the Appropriate Service/Strategy

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While there is likely more than one service or strategy that will be appropriate for any given situation, it is important for consultants to use a thoughtful decision-making process. This process may vary slightly depending on whether the focus is on providing child/family-centered consultation or programmatic consultation; however, as previously noted, consultants frequently apply both

Activity: An Inventory of Mental Health Consultation Activities in Our Program

An Inventory of Mental Health Consultant Activities Use the examples of mental health consultant activities to start your inventory of consultant activities in your Head Start or Early Head Start program. Add those not already listed. Promotion Activities (All Children) Child- or Family-Centered Consultation  Provide families with information on children’s social and emotional development  Provide

Service Array


Types of Consultation To optimize the impact of ECMHC, consultants should offer both child/family-centered consultation as well as programmatic consultation. Child or family-centered consultation is designed to address the factors that contribute to an individual child’s (and/or family’s) difficulties in functioning well in the early childhood setting. This type of consultation is typically provided to staff and

Module 3: Delivering High-Quality ECMHC Services

Learning Objectives After completing this module, you will be able to: Describe mental health consultant practices and approaches associated with high-quality service delivery An important part of being an effective consultant is delivering high-quality services that lead to positive outcomes. High-quality service delivery requires attention to: The overall array of services offered The process for

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