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Program Planning and Reflection Tool (PPRT)

The PPRT is designed to help programs at various stages of development identify where to focus planning, implementation, or enhancement efforts. By using this tool to thoroughly examine your program’s developmental progress in five key domains (Program Structure, Workforce, Program Evaluation, Equity and Policy & Financing), program leadership will be able to create a comprehensive growth plan that fits the program’s needs and goals.
Primary Focus Area: Self-Assessments: Program
Resource Type: Self-Assessments (MHC or Program Level)

Evaluation Plan Template

This document outlines the elements of a comprehensive IECMHC evaluation plan. Teams may write an evaluation plan as they design their own evaluations and seek funding for it, or they may request written evaluation plans if employing an external evaluator. This outline is intended to be used as a resource for teams seeking to understand what to include in a written evaluation plan. It is not strict guidance; rather it provides a starting point that teams may adapt to suit their goals. Ultimately, the goal is to gain clarity and group agreement on the key questions to be answered, the methods to be used to answer them, and the resources that will be dedicated to the undertaking.
Primary Focus Area: Evaluation Design
Resource Type: Toolkits/In-Depth Implementation Guidance

Guidance for Evaluators and Program Partners

This guide illustrates the different purposes for which data may be gathered and analyzed in the context of IECMHC, organized by the goals of the program. It is intended to help programs design and implement an approach to evaluation that is intentional, realistic, and driven by their priorities.
Primary Focus Area: Evaluation Design
Resource Type: Training Guides/Guidance

Webinar: Equity in IECMHC: Looking back, looking forward

This webinar kicked off a new Equity in IECMHC webinar series, which the CoE also offered in 2020 and 2021. This event featured a panelist of practitioners who are meaningfully advancing the work of equity in IECMHC in programs, policies, and practice to support the social emotional wellbeing of infants and young children. This webinar also offered a preview of subsequent webinars in the series.
Primary Focus Area: Strategies to Support Child/Family/Consultee
Resource Type: Online Trainings/Tutorials/Webinars

Webinar: Countering Bias and Promoting Black Joy in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

This is the rollout of our first in the series of resources to support infant and early childhood mental health consultants and supervisors to strengthen cultural responsiveness in IECMHC for children and families in Tribal, African American, Latine, and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The resources include promising practices aligned with the Revised IECMHC Competencies to strengthen culturally and linguistically responsive IECMHC practices.
Primary Focus Area: Black/African American
Resource Type: Online Trainings/Tutorials/Webinars

Crosswalk of IECMHC and the Pyramid Model Coaching: Building Capacity in Early Childhood for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Health

It is essential that early childhood programs and practitioners have the skills to promote the social and emotional health (i.e., mental health) of young children. Young children’s social-emotional development sets the foundation for other cognitive and academic skills and for their future relationships. This document highlights and describes the unique and complementary aspects of two successful approaches early childhood programs can use to support children’s social and emotional skills. Infant and early childhood mental health consultation and the Pyramid Model can be used independently or together.
Primary Focus Area: Definitions/Background Information
Resource Type: Resource Briefs

ECMHC Guide: Standards, Rationale and Standards for the State of Maryland

This resource was developed in 2011 for the Maryland ECMH Project. An updated version is available on the CoE's Research & Evaluation page. We have included this earlier version as an example of how to structure a program manual which includes: (1) a well-articulated set of program standards supported by (2) a rationale for each standard, based on the current evidence base; (3) examples of self-assessment indicators for each standard; and (4) a comprehensive appendix of forms that support all aspects of IECMHC work.
Primary Focus Area: Program Design
Resource Type: Program Design Materials

Test Summary Report

This report summarizes how awesome we are.
Primary Focus Area: Assessment/Observation/Screening, Black/African American, Challenges in IECMHC
Resource Type: Program Design Materials

Introductory Videos on IECMHC – Spanish Versions

Primary Focus Area: Definitions/Background Information
Resource Type: Background Materials/What Is IECMHC

Introductory Video: Why is IECMHC Effective?

Primary Focus Area: Definitions/Background Information
Resource Type: Background Materials/What Is IECMHC

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