The CoE for IECMHC is led by the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development (GUCCHD) in partnership with Tulane University, the RAINE group housed at Southwest Human Development and the Children’s Equity Project housed in Arizona State University.

Federal Support

SAMHSA is the lead agency supporting the CoE for IECMHC. SAMHSA has a long history of supporting preventive mental health strategies such as IECMHC. This center is strengthened through partnerships with other federal agencies including HRSA and ACF.

Consulting Council

The CoE will have a Consulting Council comprised of leaders in early childhood systems, IECMHC and related fields to build consensus about messaging of IECMHC. Members include: Lindsay Ursury: Zero to Three, Carey McCann: Build Initiative, Rob Corso: Pyramid Model Consortium, Valerie Alloy: early childhood leader for the state of Ohio, Lauren Wiley: Ounce Institute, Stacy Justiss: North Carolina Families United, a family advocacy organization, Nichole Paradis: Alliance for the Advancement for Infant Mental Health Director, David Willis: Center for the Study of Social Policy and Katherine Beckman: Packard Foundation. Members have been selected to represent private and public entities and all the systems mental health consultants interface with. This group will highlight the intersections and unique features of IECMHC to increase the professionalization of the field and to introduce appropriate ways to partner with the complementary disciplines. This group thinks collectively about ways to collaborate and provide consistent messaging to the early childhood mental health consultation field.

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